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The Vector Optics 223 Rem Snap Caps totally Safe. A device which is shaped like a standard firearms cartridge but contains no primer, propellant or projectile. Dummy round is designed to be a fake cartridge from the very beginning.

It serves the same function as a dummy round, but different in that a dummy is usually made from a real cartridge with its propellant and primer removed (still has the projectile and the casing).223 Rem Style, Alluminum Alloy, Red Anadizing, w/ Sling, 6 Pieces in 1 Pack.


  • Totally safe
  • Functions just like real ammo - without the noise
  • Offers versatility: training, storage, testing, practice
  • Thousands of dry fires without damage
Size Same as real cartridge
Material Alluminum alloy
Finish Red anodized
Qty 6 pieces
Primer Soft silicon
Model Code SCSC-01P