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Rechargeable Arc Lighter

The task of starting a fire has evolved well beyond single-use matches, bulky flint/steel or ferro rods, and costly fuel lighters. The TRUE Plasma Lighter next generation technology is flameless, fuel-free, rechargeable, lightweight, and easy to use. On a full charge, the Plasma Lighter offers the equivalent of over 300 matches in a compact design that easily fits in your pocket. The unique, retractable, and flexible neck makes it safer to use for a variety of lighting tasks.

Technical Description

Suitable for everyday carry, it is also ideal for storing in an emergency kit or adding it to your backpacking and camping gear as you hit the trail. The plasma lighter relies on plasma arc technology that is windproof up to 80 MPH and the rugged design is water-resistant and even floats so it can handle whatever mother nature throws at you. The reinforced ABS body and rubberised exterior is rugged and impact resistant, so it is built to last. The plasma lighter relies on a lithium polymer battery that is USB-C rechargeable and can fully charge in as little as 1.5 hours.


  • Plasma Arc Technology
  • Retractable, flexible neck igniter
  • Wind-proof up to 80 MPH
  • 300+ ignitions on a single charge
  • Flameless & Fuel-free
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Impact-resistant, rugged ABS plastic / Zinc alloy
  • Protective locking cover
  • Water-resistant IPX6 Rated
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Long-life 220mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Power/Charge indicator
  • Push-button activation


  • USB-C to USB Charging Cable
  • Detachable Lanyard


  • When the button is pressed, it lights solid while the electrodes are actively discharging.
  • When the battery is low/needs to be recharged (< 10%), it flashes rapidly for 2 seconds, then turns off.
  • When the product is charging, it lights solid. Once charging is complete, the light turns off.
Model Code TRU-ACC-1001-G
Dimensions 8.4 cm (L) x 4.95 cm (W) x 1.85 cm (D)
Weight 65 g
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