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The FIRERANGER is a knife first, emergency survival multi tool. The full-size, one handed opening knife is easily accessible, and all of the other essential tools hidden neatly within it’s stylish and ergonomic, skeleton style frame.  

The FIRERANGER is a knife first, emergency survival multi tool. Full size needle nose Pliers with inset Carbide Cutters/Wire Strippers, internally sprung for ease of use and Fire ranger boasts a toughened triple point 50mm shark tooth Rip Saw and a drop forged diamond cut double sided File.


  • FERROCERIUM STRIKER & WHSTLE:A pull-out Ferrocerium fire Striker Rod, combined with an emergency Whistle.
  • KNIFE: Full-size 70mm partially serrated locking knife with thumb stud for fast one-handed easy deployment
  • BOTTLE OPENER + MORE :Fully equipped with all the essentials, including a Bottle Opener, Large Flat Driver and Phillips Driver
  • CARRY POUCH INCLUDED: Supplied with a durable, moulded nylon carry pouch with a belt loop
Model Code TU182