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The Case Muskrat is a traditional pocket knife. As the name might already suggest this pocket knife was originally designed for a very specific tasks: skinning muskrats. Of course this is no longer a daily task for many nowadays, but history makes it a fun conversation piece

Characterizing about this pocket knife is that it has two blades, both exactly the same. You might think this is relatively pointless, but the opposite is true. Originally this pocket knife was namely designed keeping in mind that you need to sharpen your knife.

Case Tru-Sharp SS steel

  • The blade is made from Case Tru-Sharp SS. This is a stainless type of steel that is similar to 420HC steel. Characterizing about this type of steel is that you can quickly sharpen it and have a razor-sharp knife.

Rough Black Synthetic handle

  • The handle is made from black synthetic material. This material feels great in hand and even remains comfortable at very low temperatures. The material is enhanced with a coarse

Note: Because Case Knives company use hand-crafting and natural materials your knife may not look exactly as depicted.

Model Code 18232
Blade Height 1.3 cm
Balde Length 7.4 cm
Cuting Edge Length 6.5 cm
Blade Thickness 2 mm
Closed Length 9.8 cm
Total Length 17.2 cm
Weight 65 g