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Ballistol Oil  is one of the few alkaline oils. It does not resinify even in decades, is complete biodegradable, skin-friendly and food-safe. Ballistol is a penetrating oil that creeps into the finest angles. Ballistol Oil cares all materials, lubricates, gives rust protection and is a potent agent for disinfection.

Ballistol Oil is even more versatile applicable than a spray can. Whether to apply with a brush or for decant into an oiler. Fluid containers you get from 50 ml to 200 liter.Ballistol Oil is for maintaining of metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more. Ballistol Oil is ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

Model Code: 21450 Size: 50ml
Model Code: 21600 Size: 100ml
Model Code: 21710 Size: 200ml
Model Code: 21812 Size: 400ml