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The tropicalized insect spray is suited for men, dogs, horses, cats, and all other pets. The insect repellent offers sun protection through a UV filter, skincare, and protection against cooling e.g. while sporting.  

With the tropicalized insect repellent Sichfrei (sting-free) from Ballistol, you are protected from gnats, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. Ballistol sting-free insect spray keeps all irksome insects away from your body. Stichfrei contains also a UV filter for sun protection (sun protection factor: 6) and cares for the skin. Furthermore, the insect repellent has a pleasant odor. Sting-free is effective as a tick agent also for your dog, your cat, your horse, and each other pet. Ballistol sting-free protects you and your pets also from irksome and sometimes also dangerous bites of ticks.

Model Code 26800
Size 100ml