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The Ballistol Gun Care set in a practical box contains all what you need for a careful maintenance of your guns. Therefore the Ballistol gun care set is always an acceptable gift for all gun enthusiasts.

Included and Features:

  • 200 ml spray Ballistol Universal Oil for the all-round care.
  • 65 ml Robla Solo MIL cleans each rifle barrel and dissolves and removes residues of copper, tombac and lead
  • 50 ml Balsin Stock Oil regenerates and protects each wooden gun stock from influences of the environment
  • 50 ml spray GunCer firearm tuning with ceramic additives
  • With each 50 ml Robla cold degreaser spray and Klever Quick Browning you can repair damages of browning's or create new browning's
  • Additionally the Gun Care Kit contains a lot of helpfully utensils for cleaning and maintaining like a brush, a cleaning-weapon-cloth and of course detailed descriptions of the products
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