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The classic felt cleaners for cleaning normally soiled weapons are made of pure sheep wool. For each caliber, the felt cleaners are produced exactly fitting. By putting on the felt holder, the felt cleaner is slightly stretched. As a result, the very firm but somewhat flexible felt material is slightly larger than the respective caliber. This small plus tolerance ensures that the felt cleaner presses firmly against the barrel. So also the grooves and lands are thoroughly cleaned with the felt cleaner. The felt cleaners made of pure sheep wool are enormously absorbent. Gun oil and barrel cleaner are soaked up by the classic felt cleaners and evenly apply as they pass through the barrel.

The classic felt cleaner is made from 100% sheep's wool, without fillers and additives. Ballistol felt cleaners are dimensionally stable, elastic, and absolutely gentle on running. Felt cleaners are very absorbent and are ideal as a carrier medium for running cleaning. 

23192 .22 60 pcs.
23214 .38 60 pcs.
23215 .38 300 pcs.
23226 .40 60 pcs.
23230 .45 60 pcs.
23241 12GA 30pcs