High Speed Gear Neo Chest Rig


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The Neo Chest Rig is a lightweight platform constructed of a laser-cut proprietary heavy-duty nylon laminate. In addition to the large main platform, it includes a removable 8" x 8" bib with laser cut slots for pouches and a top-access hook and loop pocket. The removable shoulder straps and belt are constructed with our celebrated neoprene padding, making this rig the most stable and comfortable on the market.

Model Code40NCR0CB
Dimensions17"L x 2"W x 16.5"H, 1.6 lbs
Metric43.18cm x 5.08cm x 41.91cm, 725.75 g


  • Laser-cut 15.5" x 6.5" platform with five rows of 10 slots for attaching pouches (60 laser-cut slots)
  • Bib with 5 rows of 5 slots for attaching pouches (30 laser-cut slots)
  • Elastic keepers on all strap ends for retention and adjustable elastic
  • Bib and main platform can also double as pockets for documents, size-appropriate soft armor or other items
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