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Walkstool Comfort
Walkstool Comfort
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Walkstool Comfort


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Walkstool Comfort is made in Sweden and has a light weight construction with telescopic legs in aluminum. Walkstool Comfort offers big rubber feet and an ergonomically shaped seat of mesh material, making it possible to sit comfortably for extensive periods of time.

Height45 cm / 18 in
Weight825g / 29 oz
Max Load200 kg / 440 lbs
Seat Size35 cm / 14 in
Model CodeWS-C-45

All Comfort models come with a practical bag to for instance carry over your shoulder. By not extending the telescopic legs, you will be able to use Walkstool in a lower sitting height as well.

The Walkstool Comfort models are made for people who like to feel very comfortable when they sit down. The seats are approximately 40%, 60% and 80% bigger than a normal seat for a three legged stool. The taller the stool, the bigger the seat size.

To help you choose the suitable model for you, we want to give you some general guidelines depending on how you want to use Walkstool and depending on your height and weight. The most notable differences between WS Comfort compared to WS Basic is the bigger seat sizes of mesh material and the bigger rubber feet which reduce risk of sinking down when being out in the forest and on wet grass. Please bear in mind that a chair you use in kitchen and dining rooms normally have a sitting height of 45 cm/18in.

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