Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804
Ganzo Machete,F804

Ganzo F804 Machete


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Ganzo&Firebird company is constantly moving forward, using more higher quality materials, improving the assembly and processing quality of the final products, as well as expanding its range. And the F804-FS model has become a very unexpected addition, which will surely be enjoyed by many lovers of high-quality and reliable tools. 

Model CodeF804
Blade Length286mm
Blade Thickness3.5mm
Knife Weight544g
Knife TypeFixed Blade
Blade EdgePlain
Blade TypeDrop Point
Blade Material5CR14
Blade ColorBlack
Handle MaterialRubber Plastic
Handle ColorBlack
Total Length440mm

Model Firebird F804-FS is a typical kukri. Its blade is curved and expands towards the tip. Thanks to this form, it is much easier to perform chopping actions. Moreover, when you first take this machete in your hands, you feel like waving it at all or throwing it at all.

Blade length is 286 mm (thickness at the butt ~ 3.5 mm). Taking into account the total length of 440 mm, this machete can be called the “middle” version among models of this class. F804-FS is not too large and not small. Great for cutting shrubs, cattail, reeds and small branches.

For the manufacture of the blade used high carbon steel grade 5Cr14, hardened to a level of ~ 54 HRC. This material is resistant to shock loads, however, without proper care, it can be affected by corrosion and with intensive use, the blade made of steel 5Cr14 loses sharpness relatively quickly. However, it should be noted that almost all modern machetes are made from similar materials and have +/- similar "characteristics". But, in the case of the Firebird F804-FS model, its blade has a black protective coating that prevents the formation of corrosion and does not allow the surface of the blade to blinking in the sun or from other light sources. And in the kit there is a pretty good sharpener, which allows you to quickly restore the machete sharpness, even with a strong "ground" of the cutting edge.



  • Fixed Blade
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Model Number: F804
  • Handle Material: Rubber Plastic
  • Blade Material: 5CR14C
  • Total Length: 440mm
  • Blade Length: 286mm
  • Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Hard Rock: +-54HRC
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