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Here at Olight, we have always had a dream to produce a heavy-duty headlamp that is compact with extremely high performance. Our flagship pocket light, the S1 Baton inspired us to bring that same concept to a headlamp.
The headlamp industry has always lacked high lumen lights with metal constructions in a compact form factor. High lumen headlamps have always been bulky and cumbersome until today. We are here to offer the best of both worlds.
The H1 Nova is a headlamp and pocket light all in one. With its removable headband and attachable pocket clip, this light can be used every day of the week regardless of your needs.

The H1 Nova has a monumental 500 lumens in a unibody aluminum enclosure that is smaller than the average pinky finger. With the detachable headband and included pocket clip, this is the most versatile flashlight on the market allowing it to attach to a pocket or backpack strap for hands free operation. We have also included our signature magnetic tailcap to make the light even more useful in a work environment.

The flashlight markets need for a product like this drove us to innovate and produce the best headlamp out there. If you could have one light to take with you, this is the one.

General Data

  • Beam Distance (ft):216
  • Beam Distance (m):66
  • Max. Performance (lumens):500
  • Charge type:Optional charger
  • Compatible Batteries:1 x CR123A/RCR123A
  • Light Intensity (candela):1080
  • Light Form:Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
  • Lens / Reflector Type:TIR bead lens (wide/broad beam)
  • Mode Operation:Front Switch
  • Form/Size Factor:Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
  • Series:Series H (Headlamps, Multitasking)

Unique Characteristics

  • Large flat switch on the head to easily indicate in the dark
  • Smaller than a pinky finger. Optimal for packstrap/pocket/headlamp
  • Pocket light and headlamp in one. Buy one light and get two

Lighting Levels

  • LEVEL 1 (lumens):500
  • Run-time LEVEL 1:500 lumens (~180lm);
  • 2h50m (3m) - Olight CR123A battery
  • LEVEL 2 (lumens):180
  • Run-time LEVEL 2
  • 3h - Olight CR123A battery
  • LEVEL 3 (lumens):60
  • Run-time LEVEL 3
  • 8h30m - Olight CR123A battery
  • LEVEL 4 (lumens):15
  • Run-time LEVEL 4
  • 42h - Olight CR123A battery
  • LEVEL 5 (lumens):2
  • Run-time LEVEL 5
  • 15days - Olight CR123A battery
  • Strobe:No
  • SOS / BEACON:Yes

Technical Characteristics

  • Packaging:Hard case pouch in custom plastic enclosure
  • Use:everyday carry , car, camping, fishing, household, EDC, general use, fishing, climbing, cave exploration, outdoor activities, house activities

Package Contents

  • Flashlight H1 Nova x 1
  • hard case box x 1
  • Pocket Clip x 1
  • Headlamp (including head strap and silicone mount) x 1
  • Olight CR123A battery 1600mAh x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1

Disclaimer: All actual items under the Closeout and Hot Deals category may have some discoloration, scratches, or missing non-critical components such as screws, packaging, manuals, etc.

Warranty not included

Model Code H1NOVA-NW
Waterproof IPX8
Weight (g / oz) 49.5 / 1.74
Length (mm / in) 58.2 / 2.29
Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.82
Body Diameter (mm / in) 19.5 / 0.76
Led Cree XM-L2