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The TIKI utilizes a primary OSRAM P8 LED with a total reflective optic lens to emit a uniform and soft beam of 300 lumens. With a transparent and 
frosted body constructed from durable PC (V0) materials which are commonly used in aerospace and electronics industries, the TIKI/TIKI LE ensures a comfortable and steady grip and serves as an ultra mini and lightweight futuristic gadget, while the head is constructed with a superior heat dissipation capability. 

The TIKI is equipped with auxiliary UV light and the high CRI white light while the TIKI LE has blue and red lights.

Mini Camping / Reading Light:

  • The auxiliary high CRI white LED of TIKI is able to reveal the true color of the objects, suitable for short-range illumination such as reading or camping.

Counterfeit Bill Detector:

  • The auxiliary UV LED (500mW, 365nm) of TIKI has the ability to excite fluorescence in materials and can be used as a detector against counterfeit bills and forged documents, a fluorescent chemical tester, a phosphorescent material charger or an insect attractor.

Signal Marker:

  • The auxiliary red and blue LEDs of TIKI can be used as a signal marker to indicate the location or different grouping as well as sending out signals while camping or walking.


  • TIKI LE Auxiliary lights: Red and Blue LED
  • Built-in Li-ion battery with micro USB charging port
  • Simple one handed, single button interface
  • IP66 water resistance rating and 1m impact resistance
 Model Code TIKI
Maximum Brightness 300 lumens
Peak Beam Distance 77 yards
Peak Beam Intensity 1260 cd
IP Rating IP66
Impact Resistance 1 m
Dimensions L-2.16"xW-0.57"xH-0.57"
Weight 0.42oz