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Nitecore Nu35 460 Lumens, Can Use The Built-in Battery and Easy-to-replace AAA Battery At The Same Time, USB-C Direct Charge Hybrid Power Endurance Headlight.

If you asked for a headlamp that 'has it all', we'd have to recommend the NU35 by Nitecore. Utilizing multiple LEDs, this jam-packed light offers a range of 460 to 1 lumens of white illumination, a high-CRI beam for reading, three red lighting modes for preserving your night vision, and both beacon and SOS functions.


  • Multiple LEDs offer 10 different brightness outputs with white, red, and high-CRI lighting
  • Dual-power hybrid can utilize both a battery pack and AAA batteries simultaneously
  •  CRI≥90 beam with 4500K color temp is near-perfect color matching to natural sunlight
  •  Flexible elastic headband features reflective stripes, and a hidden silicone strip to divert sweat
  •  Dual-button operation features a physical barrier to protect against accidental activation (and battery loss) during travel
  •  80° adjustable tilt so you can light up your surroundings at eye-level, or the path beneath your feet
 Model Code NU35
Weight 79.5 g / 2.80 oz
Max Output 460 Lumens
Max Beam Distance 48 m
Max Beam Intensity 580 cd
Max Runtime 340 h 0 m / 14.16 d
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion ,3 × AAA
Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS, Warning Flashing
Beam color White light, Red Light
Length 61.3 mm / 2.41 in