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This versatile pack is perfect for adventures with minimal gear.

RAVINE50 is a backpack suitable for overnight trips, with a capacity of 50L, which can hold personal equipment. The updated backpack frame has achieved a good balance of backpack weight, toughness and carrying comfort.

Technical Description

RAVINE 50 is suitable for people who like to travel at home and abroad or mountaineering, allowing users to explore the world with it on their backs. This bag has the classic 3-ZIP three-way zipper, which makes it faster and more convenient to take items; there are two long torpedo pockets on the outside of the backpack, which are convenient for storing long items; the updated carrying system improves the comfort and comfort after loading Stability; the waist belt is detachable and can be removed when not in use.

  • Exclusively designed carrying system, the composite material panel is used at the waist, which can transfer the weight of the carrying to the belt; the specially designed belt can completely cover the hip bone, and evenly distribute the weight to the contact points of the belt , to improve the stability and comfort when carrying on the back
  • Exclusively designed Futura Yoke (adjustable back panel) can easily adjust the back length that suits you, making the backpack more suitable for your body shape
  • Using the Redirect belt system, the belt pulls forward It can be tightened; the invitation belt can be disassembled when not in use
  • Adopt the classic 3-ZIP three-way zipper design


  • 3-ZIP three-way zipper design, can quickly enter the main bag of the backpack, making packing and taking items faster
  • Side compression webbing can compress the backpack and stabilize
  • items
  • Two zipper pockets on the top for quick access items
  • Elastic pockets on both sides of the backpack for water
  • bottles
  • Action food/mobile phone
  • Adjustable webbing to fix external equipment
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