KLARUS 18GT-36 3.6V 18650 3600MAH BATTERY

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Klarus' 18650 Li-ion may be the most powerful battery we've ever seen. With a bottomless 3600mAh capacity this protected cell will keep any device running for ages. 


  • Multiple protection systems prevent battery from overcharging, overheating, and over discharging ensuring that your devices run smoothly at all times
  • 500 charge cycles is environmentally friendly and saves you money
  • Ideal for high draining devices like LED flashlights and headlamps with a 3600mAh capacity
 Model Code 18GT-36
Battery Size 18650
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Nominal Capacity 3600 mah
Weight 1.83 oz/52 g
Length 2.74" (69.6mm)
Diameter 0.725" (18.4mm)