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Ganzo, Chinese producer, is famous for its multi-functional Multi-Tools. One of them is Multi-Tool Ganzo G202B which is very stylish and functional. G202B is considered a full-size and contains 25 tools.

It is very compact and lightweight; G202B could fit even the pocket of normal trousers. It will not occupy too much space, its size is only 10.5x1.8 cm, but it will help you with many tasks of various complexities.

The set contains all the most necessary tools that one may need during the rest or tourist outing.

Tools are made of stainless steel (440C). It ensures high product durability and minor exposure to corrosion. So, you can be absolutely sure in reliability and long service life.

Black color of the product makes it stylish and attractive. The used paint is of high quality; therefore, it will not be erased whilst using it.

Ganzo G202B consists of the following set of tools:

  • Combination pliers, spring-loaded cutting pliers
  • Screw-driver (small, slotted)
  • Bottle opener
  • Device for removing insulation from wires
  • Small saw
  • Device used to hold the screws and cylinders
  • Opener for cans
  • Scissors, awl
  • Knife
  • Bit-holder with 12 removable (on a magnet) nozzles


  • Blued polished coating will distinguish this model among other tools
  • Because it is compact you can put it into your pocket as well as fasten it on the belt using special cover
  • Small weight (270 grams) simplifies work with the tool
 Multi-Tool Type Full-Size
 Functions 25
 Multi-Tool Color Black
 Holster / Sheath Included Yes