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Ganzo G109 is a full-sized Multi-Tool with minimal set of necessary tools. Small number of tools makes its compact and relatively lightweight. This is an excellent Multi-Tool for daily wearing and use during fishing, hunting, etc.

The characteristic feature of the Multi-Tool Ganzo G109 is its attractive design. The model is produced in two configurations: with blue and red embedding on black handles that makes it look rather elegant. In use, the Multi-Tool handles are bended outwards and are ergonomically shaped for convenient tool holding during the use. Like most Multi-Tools, the main Ganzo G109 tools are full spring-loaded pliers (pliers). The spring increases the comfort of using the Multi-Tool.

Cutting pliers at the base of pliers allow to cut a variety of wires.

Also, the Multi-Tool Ganzo G109 set consists of the following:

  • Two knives (with straight and serrated blades)
  • Knife to open bottles and cans
  • Awl
  • Four screw-drivers (a large flat-blade screwdriver is combined with a file, the medium and a small crosshead and slotted screwdriver).

A case from synthetic fabric with a loop to fasten on the belt is used for easy carrying of the Multi-Tool Ganzo G109. The whole set comes in a cardboard box.

Tools are made of 440C stainless steel which is popular among almost all manufacturers of knives. 440C steel has high corrosion resistance and high hardness, retains well the sharpening while is relatively cheap in production. All components and tools of the Multi-Tool have matt black protective coating.

Despite the fairly modest set of tools, the Multi-Tool has full functionality for minor household repairs; use it for fishing and hiking. Other positive factors include a small tool weight (only 280 grams).

Multi-Tool Type Full-Size
Functions 10
Blade Material 440C Stainless Steel
Holster / Sheath Included Yes
Model Code G109