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Firebird FH21 knives attract attention with their modern design and compact size. At the same time, they will cope with almost any kind of work that may be relevant during trips to nature. The length of the blade in this model is 86 mm, and the material for the blade is D2 grade steel.

A knife is definitely a necessary tool for fishing trips or a picnic. It is desirable that this model was compact and not heavy, but could cope with any task. Such folding knives were manufactured by the Firebird Company, calling them Firebird FH21. Even in the open position the length of the knife is only 197 mm, and folded it easily fits even in a small pocket. This knife is convenient to cut both food and other materials. In fact, it is universal and can be used both in nature and in the urban environment. The blade of this model is made of the D2 popular brand of knife steel. It contains more than 0.5% carbon, so it is a high carbon alloy. However, the addition of nickel and chromium allowed to create semi-stainless steel, which means that the knives made of it are easy to maintain. For the Firebird FH21 long service, it is enough to keep it clean and dry.

The blade length of this model is 86 mm. But the thickness of the butt comprises 3.5 mm. So the knife is suitable for use both in the field kitchen and for more serious types of work. The shape of its blade is Drop point: slightly reduced line of the butt and a well-balanced edge. The knife was sharpened of plain type - smooth along the entire length. At the final stage of processing the blade was polished by satin. Such useful detail as a flipper was added to this model helping to open the knife and then serving as an additional protection for the fingers.

Manufacturers have paid no less attention to the handle than the blade of the knife. It consists of two plates, which are screwed to the steel base. These pads are made of very durable composite material G10, which is a kind of fiberglass. It is easy to give the desired shape, this material does not absorb water, does not fade in the sun, withstands large mechanical loads. As a result, buyers are able to choose among the Firebird FH21 knives with handles of 3 different colors: black, gray, olive green. In each case, the handle of the knife looks very strong: It has a textured surface and is decorated with several longitudinal grooves. Also on the edge of the handle, there is a pair of holes in which the owner of the knife can thread lanyard.

The design of Firebird FH21 is supplemented with a reliable blade lock. This knife lock called Liner lock. Being one of the simplest in design, it is at the same time known as one of the most durable and unpretentious in care.

Knife Type Folding
Blade Thickness 95.6g
Lock Type Liner
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Style Drop Point
Blade Material D2
Handle Material G10
Total Length 197mm
Total Length 86mm
Blade Thickness 3.5mm
Model Code Handle Color
FH21-BK Black
FH21-GB Green
FH21-GY Grey