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RESOLZA, a term of ancient origin, is today one of the most famous traditional knives of our country. It is no coincidence that the name suggests the razor.

It was born in Sardinia centuries ago and has accompanied its inhabitants to this day in the daily work of a peasant and pastoral life, following them even when its men were called to war. The chronicles of the Sassari Brigade during the First World War mention this knife among the equipment of their soldiers. We wanted to pay a tribute to it by revisiting it according to our canons, without wanting to harm any of the prestigious Sardinian artisans who still pass on the tradition and wisdom of their ancestors. The dimensions and proportions are the original ones of a 12 cm blade, but the materials and technologies are those of our production. The handle revised in our style, the blade most faithful to tradition. In addition to the original, it has the blade lock at the opening.

Model Code 04.1000.0362/SW
Weight 36 g
Blade Length 79 mm
Total Length 173 mm
Blade Thickness 3 mm
Blade Material BÖHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing Stone Washed
Blade Arrowing Flat Wire
Handle Material Anodized Anticorodal Aluminum