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The Deejo Tattoo Juniper Wood Fish 37g is part of the Deejo tattoo collection. The name says it all, these pocket knives are enhanced with artistic tattoos on the blade. This pocket knife is enhanced with a tattoo of a fish and a juniper handle. The tattoo collection demonstrates how artistic Deejo is. With such a tattoo each knife will get a newer, deeper meaning. Like paintings these pocket knives can definitely be called works of art.

This Deejo pocket knife has a handle made from Juniper wood. A stunning light-brown type of wood with nice random grains in the wood. As such each knife will be unique! The juniper is one of the toughest trees on earth. The tallest juniper forest can be found at 4900 meters altitude in Tibet, making it one of the tallest forests on earth. The scent of this wood is also very interesting. It smells a bit like pepper. The berry from this tree is used as flavouring for alcoholic beverages like gin.

Disclaimer: All actual items under the Closeout and Hot Deals category may have some discoloration, scratches, or missing non-critical components such as screws, packaging, manuals, etc.

Model Code 1CB015
Blade shape Drop point
Blade Hardness 52 - 54 HRC
Blade length 9.5cm
Weight 37 g