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This Deejo pocket knife has a handle made from translucent polycarbonate: a hard and translucent material. Polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures and is light-weight and solid. Perfect for a pocket knife that will be used on a daily basis! Deejo has given the handle a hip colour which gives the knife a little extra flair. Perfect for the modern woman or gentleman who appreciates a bit of colour in his of her life.

This pocket knife has a blank blade with a stunning transparent white plastic handle. It looks perfect in combination with the polished blade. This knife collection is called colours because of the colours of the handles. Deejo produces charming and elegant pocket knives for a very appealing price. The Deejo knives are very popular in France and are also starting to become very popular in the rest of Europe. The knives do not only look great, they also weigh next to nothing. This makes them perfect to carry with you on a daily basis in your pocket, bag or jacket.

Disclaimer: All actual items under the Closeout and Hot Deals category may have some discoloration, scratches, or missing non-critical components such as screws, packaging, manuals, etc.

Weight 27 grams
Blade height 1.5 cm
Blade length 7.4 cm
Closed length 9.1 cm
Blade thickness 1.7 mm
Total length 16.7 cm
 Model Code  Color
9AP001 White
9AP002 Black
9AP010 Blue
9AP003 Green
9AP005 Orange
9AP006 Red