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The Picoeur Bastinelli introduces a very idiosyncratic design whose scalpel-like blade and large finger ring combine a sturdy and secure grip position with minimal dimensions. A slender Kydex sheath with a clip permits you to carry it as a neck knife or in your pocket. The Picoeur is suitable as both a small EDC and as a handy backup. With satin finish.

The Bastinelli Picoeur provides one with a covert sense of defense. Due to the Picoeur having a small scalpel-like blade and thin handle, it can be easily hidden anywhere on the body. Another tactical feature is the Karambit-like ring-style finger hole. Especially relevant, for secure gripping and blade control. Additionally, it allows for the capability to reach maximum extension and precision like control during CQC maneuvers. While some knives offer limited ways to conceal and/or carry, the Picouer is versatile. As a result, one could position how and where they choose to carry the Picouer based on the individual’s preference, ease, and comfort/ability. In addition to all the simple greatness, it includes a plastic sleeve for storage. As well as the slim-fit Kydex sheath for versatile carry. 


Model Code PICOUER
Weight 0.8 oz. / with Sheath: 1.7 oz.
Overall Length 5.5″
Blade Length 1.625″
Blade Material N690Co
Blade Thickness 0.110″
Blade Grind Flat
Handle Length 3.875″
Handle Thickness 0.156″
Sheath Material Kydex