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      You cannot do without it if you appreciate a superb and complete cleansing of your gun.Oil and grease are 100% removed from metallic surfaces, even persistent remainders of grease and resin will disappear without any problems using Cold Degreaser.

      Also for the cleaning and pre-treatment of surfaces in metal processing or in workshops. Cold Degreaser is ideally suited to the cleaning of brake disks and for cleaning prior to completing painting work.
      Ideal as a preliminary treatment to the browning process with Quickbrowning. Cold Degreaser is available in a bottle as well as in an environment-friendly spraycan.


      • Removes oils, fats, soot, nicotine, dried resined oils and sediments of diesel
      • To degreasing metals, plastics, glass and many other materials
      • The fat solver solves resins, glue remains and stickers
      • Ideal for pretreatment before browning, painting or galvanization
      • Ideal for cleaning of components before assembling
      • Suitable as a universal cleaner
      • The fat solver is economical to use
      • Does not contain nitro-solvents
      23360 200ml
      23356 50ml