Pens are one of the tools for that can be used for our everyday life, in any professions. Writing is something we all do all day in and day out.  A tactical pen is like an EDC Knife that is frequently unseen piece of everyday carry gear, sturdy objects that double as challenging weapons. That can save your life, or atleast provide you with the means to jot down your ideas or notes. These tools write well and very comfortable to hold.

1. Boker Tactical Pen (09BO069) - Fabricated from lightweight but high-strength aluminum. The royal-blue anodized grip body and the high-strength cap feature checkering that provides additional grip without placing an undue burden on the pocket hem. The Boker plus Tactical Pen also has a hard, rounded stainless steel insert on the shaft end that facilitates use as a Kubotan. The cap has a precision thread and is additionally secured with an O-ring on the inside. For writing purposes, the cap can be optionally pushed onto the back of the pen. SRP: 1,500 Pesos!

2. Hinderer Investigator Pen - This pen has the same longitudinal grooves in the middle portion of the body as the Extreme Duty pen.  The Investigator is designed to be used as a functional pen – and a fine one at that. It comes equipped with a black Fisher fine point ink cartridge. So even though this pen is shorter and smaller in diameter you can still get a very good grip on it when striking! The small bullet on the back of the pen is a separate threaded piece, meaning that it can be add to all of the other attachments such as the warhead, strike bezel, and others. We think you’ll find the Hinderer Investigator Pen a very nice choice.  SRP: 4,000 Pesos!

3. Reate Earthquake Pen - The Reate Earthquake Pen offers a durable Rainer Wenning design, highlighting clean lines, a robust build, and solid titanium construction. This is made from Ti6Al4V titanium with a bead blast finish.  It has a smooth rounded handle that is different from the other tactical pen with an innovative integral pocket clip. The threaded cap unscrews to reveal a comfortably contoured and textured grip with a replaceable fisher space pen writing element.  When you’ll need this for writing or self-defense, Reate Earthquake will not disappoint you!  SRP: 6,000 Pesos!

4. Boker Tactical Pen CID Cal .45 - This ingenious design by Rainer Wenning and knifemaker Thomas Braunagel will be a must for those wanting a tactical pen with a twist.  What makes this such a unique tactical pen is the Bolt Action mechanism it features.  The "bolt action" mechanism and "click" open and close will make it difficult to put this piece down. The Clip Integrated Design (CID) offers the advantage of easy placement in the pocket. The sturdy clip has minimal give to provide a comfortable draw resistance in normal tactical or denim pants pockets. A further, eye-catching specification is the clip-integrated design (CID). It offers the advantage of being easily accommodated in a pocket without the need for a protruding clip that could get into the palm of the hand when it is tight. The only minimally resilient clip is dimensioned in such a way that it provides, for example, a comfortable pulling resistance over the seam of a normal bag or functional sock.  The ease of not having a cover to unscrew to start using the ballpoint pen is a major plus and the flat pen head provides a secure thumb rest, making it an effective self-defense tool as well.  SRP: 2,800 Pesos!

5. CRKT Tao 2 Tactical Pen (TPENAEG) - Designed by award-winning knife designer Allen Elishweitz. The Tao 2™ tactical pen appears to be a highly stylized writing instrument. But once the cap is off, it’s a defensive fighting machine just like the former Recon Marine who created it.  Yet this is no simple pen. Crafted from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum the Tao 2™ is a precision-machined writing instrument. It will continue writing in freezing cold, boiling heat, under water and upside down—or help stop a would-be attacker in their tracks. There’s no longer a need to unscrew the cap. An O-ring enables you to quickly take off the cap, post it on the end of the pen and be ready. The word Tao means the way. And with it in hand it will show you the path to protection. SRP: 3,000 Pesos, also available in color Black.

6. CRKT Bolt Action Pen (R3402) - This pencil is machined in the US and the quality is really amazing.  You’ll truly appreciate the construction methodology of the Bolt Action Pencil if you enjoy mechanisms.  The bolt-action on the Bolt Action Pencil is really addicting, not to mention functional and solid.  This Pencil is a straight up-and-down action but has been more than reliable.  SRP: 2,200 Pesos.

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